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PSEJATC Strike Policy

What should apprentices do during a IBEW strike?

In the event of an IBEW strike, an apprentice must show up to the jobsite and report for work. If there is a sufficient number of journey-level workers who have reported to work and are available to supervise the apprentice and stay within the prescribed ratio, then the apprentice must work. If there are not enough journey-level workers available, then the apprentice is not to work unsupervised or out-of-ratio. These statements are based on the following PSEJATC standards and policies.

  •  In section VI. of the PSEJATC standards it is stated that “Apprentices shall at all times work under the direct and personal supervision of a journey-level worker.”  and “at no time shall the ratio of apprentices to journey-level workers exceed the ratio of their classification.”
  •  It is PSEJATC policy that apprentices who are dispatched to a contractor must show up to work on a daily basis and work within the required journey-level supervision and ratio.
  •  It is requested that if an apprentice is unable to work due to the lack of journey-level workers or an out-of-ratio situation, then the apprentice should notify the JATC.
  •  Be sure to check in with a supervisor when you arrive at work.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact; Ryan Bradt, Training Director or Dave Gordon, Assistant Training Director.

Also, check out the WHAT’S NEW section of the website for FAQ and additional information.

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Your apprenticeship has many moving components. It’s hard sometimes to keep them all straight. The Apprentice Section is here to help answer questions and provide useful information that will help you navigate through your apprenticeship with the JATC. 

How to sign the out-of-work book

So you’ve received a termination slip from your contractor, What now?
  • You have three (3) business days to sign the out-of-work book.
  • Send an email to the JATC Dispatcher. In the email subject line put: Sign out-of-work book
  • Attach a copy of the termination slip from your employer to your email. It is the apprentice’s responsibility to provide the JATC with a copy of your termination slip. A scanned PDF version is preferred. If you cannot scan the slip, you can mail it, drop it off in person, or send a photo.
  • You will be placed on the out-of-work book based on the date and time of your email.
  • You can email, call, or stop by the JATC office to find your rank on the out-of-work book. You cannot see the out-of-work book online.

Requesting a Raise

How to Request Your Raise – Important Steps

  • It is an apprentice’s responsibility to request all raises via email only. Physical copies of the Raise Due form will not be accepted.
  • You will need to turn in a Raise Due form to the JATC Dispatcher via email. Dispatch will reply back to you to confirm the receipt of your Raise Due form. If you don’t get a confirmation email for your raise form submission, your request was not received. Contact the JATC Dispatch.
    • The raise form should be turned in 2 weeks before the raise is due.
    • The effective date of the raise will be two Mondays out.
    • In order to process your raise request, the following requirements must be met:
      • No outstanding missed class time. All missed class time must be make up in full before the raise can be processed.
      • Must have a GPA of 75% or higher for the year.
      • No outstanding penalties.
      • On-the-job evaluation average must be 75% or higher.
  • Raises are dependent upon the completion of the school year.  All grades must be entered into the JATC system before raises can begin to be processed. Entering grades may take a few days after the quarter ends. Please be patient.


General Information

How do I change my contact information?

Log onto your PSEJATC account. Use the Trade School link at the top of this page. Click on the MY ACCOUNT tab and update your contact information. If you need to change your name or email address, you will need to email one of our office staff members to have that information updated.

Who should I contact if I’m having jobsite concerns?

Jobsite concerns or issues should be brought to the attention of the Training Director or Assistant Training Director.


Classes: Can I request a specific day of school?

No. Class days are filled on a first come, first serve basis once registration opens for your year.

Craft Certification: When will I be scheduled for my Craft Certification test?

If you are due for Craft Certification testing, you will be contacted via email near the end of the quarter and given directions.

Finances: I am struggling financially to pay books and tuition. What can I do?

You can contact the ANEW program or contact Local 46 and inquire about the Benevolent Fund.

School: Is tutoring available?

If you are struggling with a specific topic or module and would like tutoring, please contact the Apprentice Counselor to discuss your options for help.

Absences, Makeup, Tests: What if I miss a class?

If you are in the Inside Wire program and miss a class, you will need to attend a Monday Makeup class. You will be scheduled for this class and will be notified by email.

If you are in the Limited Energy or Residential programs and miss a class, you are allowed to miss up to two hours of class time before you are scheduled to make up the time.

Absences, Makeup, Tests: What do I do if I miss a test?

If you are in the Inside Wire, Limited Energy or Residential program and miss a test, you will need to attend a Monday Makeup class and your missed test will be in the class for you. You will be scheduled for this class and will be notified by email.


Dispatch: How do I get my job assignment?

Dispatches are emailed to you from the JATC dispatcher. The dispatcher will ask you to reply to the dispatch email, so the JATC knows you have received it. It is important that you reply to let dispatch know you’ve received your assignment.

If you are on the -out-of-work book, you MUST be available via phone, text or email. If you receive a call, text, or email about a dispatch, contact the dispatcher immediately. Filling job calls is a time sensitive process. If you do not respond in a timely manner, you may miss being dispatched.

No apprentice can refuse a job.

Raises: How do I request a raise?

Use this form to request your raise.  Raise Due form

Before requesting your raise, make sure you meet the requirements:

  • No outstanding missed class time. All missed class time must be make up in full before the raise can be processed.
  • Must have a GPA of 75% or higher for the year.
  • No outstanding penalties.
  • On-the-job evaluation average must be 75% or higher.

Leave of Absence: What if I need time off from work or school?

Time off from work for personal or medical reasons that is less than two weeks in duration can be arranged with your contractor. For time off from work and/or school that is longer than two weeks, you must request a Leave of Absence from the JATC.

The leave must be approved by the Apprenticeship Committee at their monthly meeting. Most leaves are approved for up to 90-days. If you are requesting a leave due to a medical condition, you will need to provide medical documentation along with your Leave of Absence form.

If you are requesting a leave of absence due to maternity or paternity and are taking the Paid Family Medical Leave, please provide a copy of the PFML approval from the State of Washington along with your Leave of Absence form request.

You will receive a letter after the Committee meeting letting you know if your leave of absence request was approved or not.

Use the Leave of Absence form  to request absences from work and/or school that are longer than two weeks.

Timesheets: When are timesheets due?

Timesheets are due by the 10th of each month and are filed online using your JATC Trade School account login.

Timesheets: Do I need to submit a timesheet if I’m not working?

Yes. You must submit a timesheet each month. If you are laid off from work or on a leave of absence, you still must submit a timesheet with zero hours on it.

Timesheets: Do I need to keep a copy of my timesheets?

Yes, it is suggested that you keep a hardcopy of your timesheet in the timesheet booklet you received at Orientation. It will help you keep accurate records of the time worked each month.


Timesheets: Do I need a journey-workers signature on my timesheet? What if I already have my license?

You need to have your journey person’s license number on your timesheet. If not, then the timesheet is incomplete. Incomplete timesheets will not be accepted. Timesheets with invalid journey license information may not count towards the on-the-job hour totals.

Until you officially graduate (turn-out) from the apprenticeship you are still a registered apprentice with the Department of Labor and Industries and must have a valid journey-level workers license (not your own) on your timesheets.

Penalties: Are there penalties for late timesheets?

Yes. Penalties are cumulative:

One late timesheet $10

Two late timesheets $25         total due $35

Three late timesheets $50      total due $85

Four late timesheets $75        total due $160

Any other penalties for late registration, late rental book return fees, or no-show Craft Certification testing fees are added to any late timesheet penalties. At this time you cannot pay monthly timesheet penalties online. You must come into the JATC office or call to pay your penalties.


If you reach four outstanding (unpaid) penalties, you may be suspended from work and school until the penalties are paid in full and all late timesheets are turned in.

Penalties: Can I pay penalties online?

Unfortunately, no. At this time, penalties must be paid via the phone 425-228-1777 or in person in the JATC office.

Trainee Card: How do I renew my trainee card?

Your trainee card can be renewed online at the L&I website.  An Affidavit of Hours will be filled out by the JATC Administrative Staff on your behalf. The affidavit will be mailed to the L&I Licensing Department so they can update your work hour total. If for any reason, you receive a notice in the mail or an email from L&I that the affidavit was rejected, please contact the JATC office immediately. We will work with L&I to rectify any issue with a rejected Affidavit of Experience.

Journey Exam: I have enough hours to take my journey test, what do I do?

When you reach the required completion hours for your registered apprenticeship program, please contact the JATC Office at 425-228-1777 and request a final affidavit of work hours.  We will submit the affidavit to L&I on your behalf.  After you confirm that all work hours are recorded with L&I, you will be able to begin the process to take your state exam.

If for any reason, you receive a notice in the mail or an email from L&I that the affidavit was rejected, please contact the JATC office immediately. We will work with L&I to rectify any issue with a rejected Affidavit of Experience.

This link will take you to L&I licensing

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