Contractors- Apprentice Request Form

Fill out the Apprentice Request form and return it to the JATC Dispatcher.

Forms are due by 2:00 pm for a next day dispatch. Please complete the entire form before sending.

Apprentices – How to Request Your Raise – Important Steps

  • It is an apprentice’s responsibility to request all raises via email only. Physical copies of the Raise Due form will not be accepted.
  • You will need to fill out and turn in a Raise Due form to the JATC Dispatcher via email to request your raise. Dispatch will reply back to you to confirm the receipt of your Raise Due form. If you don’t get a confirmation email for your raise form submission, your request was not received. Contact the JATC Dispatch.
    • The raise form should be turned in 2 weeks before the raise is due.
    • The effective date of the raise will be two Mondays out.
    • In order to process your raise request, the following requirements must be met:
      • No outstanding missed class time. All missed class time must be make up in full before the raise can be processed.
      • Must have a GPA of 75% or higher for the year.
      • No outstanding penalties.
      • On-the-job evaluation average must be 75% or higher
  • Raises are dependent upon the completion of the school year.  All grades must be entered into the JATC system before raises can begin to be processed. Entering grades may take a few days after the quarter ends. Please be patient.


Leave of Absence Form

Apprentices: Need to Take Time Off?

For time off from work and/or school that is longer than two weeks, you must request a Leave of Absence from the JATC. Complete the form and turn it into the JATC Office.

The leave must be approved by the Apprenticeship Committee at their monthly meeting. Most leaves are approved up to 90-days. If you are requesting a leave due to a medical condition, you will need to provide medical documentation along with your Leave of Absence form.

If you are requesting a leave of absence due to maternity or paternity and are taking the Paid Family Medical Leave, please provide a copy of the PFML approval from the State of Washington along with your Leave of Absence form request.

You will receive a letter after the Committee meeting letting you know if your leave of absence request was approved or not.