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Clay Tschillard
Training Director
425.228.1777 Ext. 101
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Ryan Bradt
Assistant Training Director

425.228.1777 Ext. 109
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Denise Krzycki
Office Manager
425.228.1777 Ext. 108
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Denise is responsible for accounts payable, payroll, and PSEJATC board issues.


Michelle Puryear
Applications Administrator

425.228.1777 Ext. 102
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Michelle assists applicants as they make their way through the application process. She receives minimum qualification documents, schedules aptitude testing, and interviews. She also holds New Apprentice Orientations.


Waneva Wilson
Journey Level Electricians Class and Veterans Benefits Administrator
425.228.1777 Ext. 104
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Waneva has been working full time with PSEJATC since February 2006. Waneva is the Journey Level Electrician Class Administrator. She oversees registration for Local 46 Journey Level Electrician classes. Waneva assists Journey Level Electricians in class registration to meet the requirements for the renewal of their State of Washington license. She also administers Veteran's Benefits.


Jennifer Baker
Office Support Staff/Evaluations/Apprentice Classes
425.228.1777 Ext. 100
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Jennifer joined the Puget Sound Electrical JATC staff in November of 2007. She regularly communicates with contractors collecting on the job apprentice evaluations. Jennifer schedules quarterly classes for apprentices. She also assists apprentices and journey-level electricians with daily issues.


Donita Smith 

425.228.1777 Ext.103
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Donita joined Puget Sound Electrical JATC in April of 2005. Donita does dispatches, processes timesheets, raises, reports OJT/RSI hours to Labor and Industries, and coordinates quarterly class schedules with South Seattle Community College.

Lorraine Wesolowski
Office Assistant
425.228.1777 Ext.107
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Lorraine joined Puget Sound Electrical JATC in July of 2018. Lorraine administers the aptitude test for applicants.  She is in charge of scheduling Craft Certification testing, creating apprentice tests, scheduling tutor and makeup tests, maintaining apprentice files. 

Shawn Shere' Johnson
Administrative Support
425.228.1777 Ext.118
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Shawn Shere' joined Puget Sound Electrical JATC in January of 2019. 

Raquel Soliz
Administrative Support
425.228.1777 X119
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Raquel joined Puget Sound Electrical JATC in August of 2020.